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Turn-key in the Netherland



Location: Vlissingen

Power: 12,3 MW

Construction: Dez11 - Mar12

Wind turbine: 2 x Senvion 6M 126m


This challenge were presented by the "Elektriciteits Produktiemaatschappij Zuid-Nederland (EPZ)", or Electricity Production Company South-Netherlands EPZ the operator of the coal - and nuclear power plants. The project is located in the harbor area, more precisely in an area used for coal storage and where big pills of coal await being rolled to the coal power plant 500 m away. The design consisted of a Switching Station, the medium voltage grid, a communication network, low voltage power supply of surrounding buildings and respective integration and grid compliance with the local grid operator. The Project Management and Engineering tasks included the specification, tendering, negotiation, contracting, execution coordination and quality assessment of the works as well as commissioning supervision and final taking over.


The main challenges in this project was accessibility, site coordination and soil risk. Accessibility, as the construction was done in a very conditioned area under permanent operation of heavy machinery (coal diggers). Site coordination was of major importance as at times more than 5 parties needed to work in parallel in a very reduced area. The risk of damaging the existing asphalt and stopping the coal operation or polluting the soil, hat to be carefully managed to avoid a major and unacceptable financial impact on the project.


The choice of drilling solution (over 400 m in 3 drills) under the asphalt street to minimize impact on the coal operation and reduce infiltration risk. Assessment and choice of a local experienced subcontractor to perform the drilling. Implementation and involvement of the coal area manager in the activities and daily briefings. A very fluent communication and information line was established and tight supervision and quality control of all activities.


The results where very good with slight schedule over-run due to whether (snow, rain and ice) conditions and minor budgets updates due to engineering choices. Mostly important the Customer was satisfied with the design choices and both the Coal Operator and the Customer were satisfied with project execution.