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Complex of Turn-key Projects


Client: EEVM - Enercon

Location: Alto Minho - Portugal

Power: 240 MW

Construction: Oct06 - Nov08

Wind turbine: Enercon E70 and E82


This challenge were presented by EEVM, a group of companies formed by EDF Portugal, Finerge and DST. The project is located in the high mountains of the north of Portugal, more precisely in an area of stoning beauty and protected nature. The tasks included owners engineering and project management for 5 wind farms connected between themselves including the Substations, the medium voltage grid, a communication network and respective integration and grid compliance with the local grid operator. The Project Management and Engineering tasks included the tendering, negotiation, contracting, execution coordination and quality assessment of the works as well as commissioning supervision and final taking over.


The main challenges in this project were the amount of resources to manage (5 wind farms and 120 turbines), the parallel running construction sites and the travel time between them. Having several teams performing construction at the same time in sites far apart from each other, posed additional difficulties for coordination and supervision of the works. Another challenge was the construction period during practically 2 winter seasons which in the high mountains means constant adjustments in planing and management. Interesting challenge was the development of a Master Control Unit specially made for this project integrating the wind farms, the substations and the overhead lines that allowed to control the whole wind farm at the Point of Common Coupling. Finally the last to challenge was a delayed grid connection from the Utility which forced additional work and the organization and implementation of per-commissioning tests.


Assessment and choice of a local experienced subcontractor to perform the works together with constant planning and reinforcement of resources whenever needed. A very fluent communication and information line was established for tight supervision and quality control of all activities. On the engineering level the design and testing of the Master Controller followed progressive implementation steps and the final testing was made together with the utility company.


The results where very positive. The design proofed to be robust and for such a large project the project execution can be considered ruffly on time with some delays due to bad whether conditions and late utility availability. The Customer was satisfied with the overall design project execution.