We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails. - Dolly Parton

About Me

  • Luis Leal is an independent consultant dedicated completely to wind energy since 2006 who has successfully contributed for the realization of more than 3.000 MW installed power in 9 countries both onshore and offshore.

    Having worked in the past with 2 major turbine manufacturers, he started in 2013 doing consulting for several established names in the wind industry reaching from owners and suppliers to other service providers.

    Luis Leal speaks 6 languages and is a graduated Diploma Electrical Engineer from TU Lisbon / FH Munich.

    Frequently described as a passionate team player capable of delivering valuable contribuition both in Electrical Engineering and in Management areas, who knows how to make use of extraordinary communication skills, flexible personnally and to bring out the full project potential.  

    For more details visit the full profile on LinkedIn or XING .

  • Academics

    He studied in the Institute of Technology (IST) of the Technical University of Lisbon and wrote his diploma thesis in the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. He is specialized in the field of energy production, power generation, power systems and power electronics. He graduated as Diploma Engineer in 2003.

  • Enercon

    He started in 2006 as an Electrical Project Manager for Enercon GmbH in Aurich. He assumed engineering and electrical construction management responsabilities for wind farms in Portugal, Spain and Italy. Later on he assumed Region Management responsabilities and expanded to other countries, Turkey, Greece and Brasil.


    In 2010 he joined Senvion SE (former REpower Systems) in headquarters Hamburg as Manager for Electrical Balance of Plant, with central role responsabilities worldwide. Later on he joined Senvion`s Offshore division to assume Group leader`s role inside the Electrical Engineering Department.

  • Partnerships

    We also are also involved in cooperation with experienced partners:

    RECASE GmbH - www.recase.de

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